How to Play and Participate in Mahzooz Draw Dubai 2024

Mahzooz Draw Lottery Dubai

Mahzooz Draw Dubai: Indulging in lottery games has always been synonymous with the thrill of financial freedom and the chance to turn dreams into reality. Among the plethora of lottery games, Mahzooz has emerged as a standout choice in the UAE, captivating players with its generous prizes and captivating draws. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, this comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with valuable insights and strategies to navigate the world of Mahzooz, enhancing your potential to win big.

Understanding Mahzooz

Mahzooz is a weekly digital lottery game that seamlessly blends entertainment with the allure of incredible winnings. With a simple yet engaging format, players select numbers for a chance to win substantial prizes. Unlike traditional lotteries, Mahzooz utilizes technology to offer a user-friendly experience accessible via smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Key Features of Mahzooz Draw Dubai

  1. Progressive Jackpot: Mahzooz boasts a progressive jackpot, accumulating if not won, often reaching millions of dirhams.
  2. Transparent Draws: Conducted live weekly, the draws enhance the excitement and trust in the game.
  3. Secondary Prizes: Alongside the jackpot, Mahzooz offers secondary prizes, providing additional winning opportunities.
  4. Social Contribution: Mahzooz allocates a portion of earnings to charitable initiatives, making participation not only thrilling but socially impactful.

How to Play Mahzooz Online

  1. Registering:
    • Visit the Mahzooz website (
    • Click on “Create Account”.
    • Complete the registration form with accurate personal details.
    • Create a strong and secure password.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Verify your account through email or SMS.
    • Log in to your Mahzooz account using your registered email address and password.
  2. Playing:
    • Log in and click “Play.”
    • Choose the number of water bottles (entries) for AED 35 each.
    • Select your numbers based on the draw.
    • Proceed to checkout, complete the payment, and receive confirmation.
  3. Adding Credit Balance:
    • Log in and go to “Balance Summary.”
    • Select “Add Credit” and choose the desired amount.
    • Complete the payment securely.

How to buy Mahzooz ticket from India

Here’s a general step-by-step guide to buy a Mahzooz ticket online In india:

  1. Register on the Mahzooz Website or App:
    • Go to the official Mahzooz website or download the Mahzooz app.
    • Register for an account by providing the required personal details.
    • Ensure that you are of legal age to participate and meet any other eligibility requirements.
  2. Log In:
    • Once registered, log in to your account.
  3. Choose ‘Buy Ticket’:
    • Navigate to the section where you can buy a ticket or enter the draw.
  4. Select Numbers:
    • Typically, you’d have to select a specific set of numbers or opt for a random selection, depending on the format of the lottery.
  5. Purchase the Ticket:
    • After selecting your numbers, proceed to payment.
    • Use the accepted payment methods, which typically include credit/debit cards among other digital payment solutions.
  6. Confirmation:
    • Once your payment is successful, you should receive a confirmation, either via email or in your Mahzooz account.
  7. Wait for the Draw:
    • After purchasing, you can wait for the draw date to check if your numbers are the winning ones.
  8. Check Results:
    • Results are usually published on their website and app. Some platforms may also send you an email or SMS notification if you win.

Mahzooz Weekly Draw Prizes

  • Grand Draw: Match the drawn numbers to win.
  • Raffle Draw: Exciting prizes guaranteed.
  • Super Saturday: A chance to win AED 100,000 with three guaranteed winners.

Withdrawing Winnings

  • Log in and navigate to “Balance Summary.”
  • Click “Transfer/Withdraw,” enter the amount, and choose the withdrawal method.
  • Provide necessary details and confirm the request.

Who Can Participate

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old and UAE residents to play Mahzooz Draw Dubai.
  • Open to both UAE nationals and expatriates.
  • Ensure compliance with terms & conditions and applicable laws.

Major Charities Supported

  • Emirates Red Crescent
  • Friends of Cancer Patients
  • Al Jalila Foundation
  • Stop and Help
  • Senses

Mahzooz Mobile App

  • Convenient access anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick registration and account management.
  • Real-time notifications and updates.
  • Easy prize claim process for lucky winners.

Strategies to Enhance Winning Chances

  1. Playing Regularly: Consistency increases winning opportunities.
  2. Joining Syndicates: Pool resources for more tickets and increased chances.
  3. Analyzing Past Results: Identify patterns or trends for informed number selection.
  4. Managing Budget: Set a budget to ensure responsible gaming.

Mahzooz Dubai Draws & Results

  • Weekly draws with convenient schedules.
  • Check results on the official website or mobile app.
  • Find all Mahzooz draw winning numbers here! Visit and select a date from the drop down selector for the results!

Mahzooz Customer Support:

Mahzooz offers an exhilarating lottery experience with the potential for life-changing wins. Understanding the game, playing responsibly, and implementing strategic approaches can enhance your chances of winning. So, dive into the Mahzooz journey, manage your budget wisely, and enjoy the excitement of pursuing that coveted jackpot.


How do I buy a Mahzooz ticket online?

Visit the official Mahzooz website or download their app and Register for an account or log in if you already have one. Navigate to the ticket purchase section, select your numbers, and proceed to payment.

What payment methods are available for buying tickets?

Mahzooz usually accepts various digital payment methods, including credit/debit cards and online payment gateways.

Can I choose my own numbers or are they randomly generated?

You can choose your own numbers or opt for the ‘Quick Pick’ option to have numbers generated randomly for you.

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