Museum of the Future

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Museum of the Future

Point of View: It is the year 2071, and since you stepped into the museum, a whole lot has changed! Walk past exhibitions that straddle the past and future in a beautiful blend.

At the Museum of the future, watch futuristic technology and sustainable solutions come together under one time-traveling roof!

The Exteriors: Admire the gleaming 77-meter torus-shaped structure with calligraphy panels all around. The absence of columns inside makes this structure quite a feat in modern engineering.

The Interiors: Spread across 5 floors are 5 different chapters for you: each with distinctive problem statements, goals, and ideas. Start on floor 5 and make your way down, floor-by-floor in a cascading fashion.

The 5 chapters cover themes of climate change, ecology, health, wellness, spirituality, imagination, and the future of space travel and living.

Floor 6 is private and inaccessible. Floor 7 is the Events Hall, where you may enter. The main exhibits are only on floors 1 through 5.

Remember: You are an important contributor to the overall experience and not just a viewer of someone else’s work.


Entry into the Museum of the Future

Access to all floors (except floor 6)

The 5 Chapters

Zoom up on a space shuttle simulation (replete with a countdown, realistic shuttle sounds, and movements). Dock on the 5th floor where your tour officially begins!

Chapter 1: OSS Hope (Floor 5) - Enter the station's command center and learn about the missions, discoveries, and inventions OSS Hope has undertaken of late. PS- the 3D walls around you are made from recycled material!

Chapter 2: Heal Institute (Floor 4) -

Chapter 3: Al Waha (Floor 3) - "The Oasis" is a place for you to disconnect from technology and revive your senses as you walk past a bunch of interactive sessions.

Chapter 4: Tomorrow Today (Floor 2) - Explore the various changes the world has seen with the technological leaps since the year 2022. Remember, the focus is on leading our planet to a better tomorrow.

Chapter 5: Future Heroes (Floor 1) - Take your children (our future heroes) to the final leg of your tour and let their imagination run wild as they engage in various interactive sessions.

Fun Facts

The design theme for the Museum of the Future is inspired by the famous "Feng Shui" concept.

The Museum of the Future has no corners or columns. It is quite an architectural feat.

The Arabic calligraphy engraved all over the exteriors of the building is approximately 700 words. These words are taken from the poems of HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

This is a LEED-certified Museum that acts as the perfect example of the region's low-carbon structures.


Museum tickets are available daily from 9:30AM to 7:00PM

Closing time is 10pm and the last entry is 7:30 PM.

Cancellation Policy

These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Explore More

Transformative technology

Technology has the power to transform and change the way we live. It can respond to many of the environmental, cultural, social and political issues that define our time and overcome challenges to lead the planet towards an optimistic and positive future.

‘Tomorrow Today’ is an ever-evolving showcase of innovations that could change our world. Made in collaboration with strategic and public partners from around the world, this exhibition explores how designers, researchers and corporations are responding today to our most urgent challenges.

Children's World

A fantasy world for children, focused on future skills.

Future Heroes

Future Heroes is Museum of the Future’s dedicated space for the children. Within an open world of exploration and play, children are encouraged to develop future-proof skills that will always be useful.

The exhibitions three main experiences: Imagine, Design and Build present children with opportunities to play and to learn through activities that encourage communication, collaboration and creativity.

Free play and focused activity

At any given moment, the Future Heroes may be called on to participate in an urgent mission. These missions present challenges that must overcome in a limited time. Overseen by the Museum’s Future Heroes experts guides, the urgent missions encourage children to work together toward a shared goal.

A game experience that’s free of screens

Future Heroes borrows from the best of what video games offer and then applies it to the real world. Each child becomes a player, exploring areas and activities, taking on challenges and collecting rewards.

The game they play is designed to encourage critical thinking, courage and confidence. These qualities are rewarded with badges that celebrate making positive contributions to the Future Heroes world by helping, solving problems, creating something new or trying something you’ve never done before. Players can collect as many of these badges as they want and can save them between visits.


The Museum of the Future auditorium is a showpiece theater with seating upto 340 guests in premium seating. ready-built with state-of-the-art multimedia including a 13*4 meter screen with TedX  level resolution creates the ultimate location for the events, presentation and seminar.

Ticket pricing

GENERAL: All visitors, including those eligible for free admission, must have a ticket to enter the Museum. All tickets are date and time specific. Tickets provide full access to the Museum experience and amenities. CHILDREN: Entry Tickets to the Museum of the Future are free of charge for Children under the age of four (4). Children under the age of four (4) do not require pre-booking and can approach the Customer Service desk upon arrival for entry tickets. Our Customer Service Team may ask for proof of eligibility, so please have documentation or ID at hand. PEOPLE OF DETERMINATION: Tickets to the Museum of the Future are free of charge for People of Determination + one caregiver. People of Determination and their caregivers do not require pre-booking and can approach the Customer Service desk upon arrival for entry tickets. Our Customer Service Team may ask for proof of eligibility, so please have documentation or ID at hand.

Public Transport

We recommend you use Dubai Metro for the best access (Emirates Towers Station, Red Line). The link bridge connects the metro station directly to the museum. You can also use the Dubai Bus Service network.

Arriving by car

You may use your personal vehicle and use chargeable self-parking or valet services. Please note that our parking spaces are very limited and subject to availability.

Ticket Price

Ticket price for Museum of the Future starts from AED 149. Purchase tickets from the official website. Check out here for more information.

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How to Book Tickets Online

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Contact Information

The Museum of The Future, Al Boursa Street, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


If I miss my ticket entry time, will I still be allowed to enter the exhibitions?

If you miss your ticket entry time, we will work to accommodate you in the next available time slot. During peak hours availability may be limited. Please try and arrive early in all cases to avoid disappointment or inconvenience.

Is there a minimum age for entry?

There is no minimum age for entry to Museum of the Future. Please click here for the most up to date entry categories.

Is re-entry permitted?

You may enter the public areas of the museum at any time during opening hours. Ticketed exhibition re-entry is permitted only on the day the ticket is valid and is limited to certain exhibition floors. You must keep your issued wristband on at all times - removal of the wristband will prevent re-entry. Please speak with one of our representatives during your visit for the most up to date re-entry options.

Can I make a group booking?
You can book for up to 20 people online . If you need to book for a larger group, please contact our sales team.

How will I receive my Museum of the Future ticket?

All ticket purchases will be sent via email. If you have not received your tickets, please ensure you check your junk or spam filters. If still not received, please contact our customer service team