Dubai Street Museum

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Dubai Street Museum

Love street art? Add Dubai Street Museum in your list of places to visit in Dubai as this outdoor gallery showcases the artworks of popular names like Hua Tunan, Ashwaq Abdulla and Inkman.

There are amazing murals made with spray paints and the gallery features an elegant painting called the “Prohibited” where there is a girl & boy peeping through a window. Apart from this, it even has a calligraphy quote that denotes, “A positive spirit resides in our soul”.

In 2016, 16 local and international street artists, including Hua Tunan, Ashwaq Abdulla and Inkman, mounted their cherry-pickers to turn the rather drab facades on 2nd December St into a glorious outdoor gallery with murals reflecting Dubai's Bedouin heritage. It marked phase one of a five-year government-funded project aimed at adding colour, beauty and urban pizzazz to other parts of the city.

Here are top  murals

Emirati children French artist Seth Globepainter created an endearing work depicting a pigtailed Emirati girl and boy in national dress standing on tiptoes while peering through a window. It's called 'Prohibited'.

Resting falcon Hua Tunan from China spray-painted this majestic sitting falcon (the UAE's national bird) in masterfully intricate detail.

Old man in boat Russian artist Julia Volchkova came up with this motif showing an elderly man in national dress rowing a wooden boat, possibly across Dubai Creek.

Founding fathers This work by Emirati female artist Ashwaq Abdulla pays homage to Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid, two of the UAE's founding fathers.

Calligraphy quote Inkman from Tunisia needed more than a week to beautify a ho-hum facade lot with this circular calligraphy quote from Sheikh Mohammed. It translates as: 'A positive spirit resides in our soul. It demands our attention and plays a strong role.'

Leon Keer for Dubai street museum

Leon Keer is one of the world’s leading artists in anamorphic street art. He has created work on canvas and 3D artwork on the streets across the world. In addition to using optical illusion, he often presents his art by adding new technologies, such as augmented reality and video mapping. Some of his art can be temporary, but the images are shared all over the world via social media.

The DSM project aims to transform the city into the largest open-air museum in the world. If you stop by Dubai sometime soon, you will be able to find over 70 murals created over the past few years. The robot itself can be found on Happiness Street in Trade Center Area.

This project was made in collaboration with Brand Dubai and DEWA.

Ampparito in Dubai

Ampparito is a young Spanish artist who works subverting objects, meanings and realities to generate new experiences or situations. These may arise a wide range of results from the most absolute indifference to the deepest reflection, through disorientation and contemplation.
He uses simple objects, trying to explore boundaries between realism and abstraction changing points of view, distances and scales.

Martin Whatson

Juxtapozing the curated theme of “The Past”, Martin spent a few days working on this large mural showing the traditional art of picking dates from Palm Trees. The palm tree is rendered using his signature graffiti style which really pops against the grey background. The piece was painted using Montana Gold Spray Paint and Acrylic paint.

If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find the piece on 2nd Of December Street in the district of Satwa.


Tunisian Calligraphy artist Inkman recently finished working on a large scale mural in the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Street Museum project organised by Brand Dubai and curated by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari.

Painting on 2nd Of December Street in the district of Satwa, Inkman spent over a week in order to finish this highly impressive piece of work. The work relates to a quote by Sheikh Mohammed. The exact sentence reads “A positive spirit resides in our Soul, It demands our attention and play a strong role”.


French artist Vincent Abadie Hafez aka Zepha recently spent some time in the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Street Museum project organized by Brand Dubai and curated by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari.

Bringing his unique Street Art to Dubai, Zepha spent a few days up high on his swing stage geared with his brushes and paint. The end-result is beautiful and is now the largest piece in the UAE. Showcasing his unique calligraphy, the piece has a unique feeling reminding some viewers of the “Matrix” series.


Geared with Montana Gold Spray Paint, the French artist used his unique pointillism technique to wrap up an entire building located on 2nd Of December Street. Inspired by traditional weaving patterns from the United Arab Emirates, this piece took over a week to complete and more than 75.000 single dots were created in the process.

Hua Tunan

Painting on 2nd Of December Street, the Guangzhou-based artist spent a few days up high on his cherry picker in order to complete this majestic Emirati Falcon.
Geared with hundreds of Montana Gold Spray Paint, it took over 5 days for Hua Tunan to complete this work. The work is filled with ultra intricate details giving the piece a very impressive feeling. The background is made to give the impression of Chinese mountains, a technique that was taught to Hua Tunan by his father a few years ago.

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Satwa, 2nd December Street, Bur Dubai, Al Hudaiba, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


where is Dubai street museum located in?

Located in the Satwa district of Dubai, this street museum is one of the most prominent global graffiti hubs in the country.

why is dubai street museum created?

Artists have painted murals on 16 buildings as part of Dubai Street Museum, an initiative promoting the city's visual arts and cultural .