Al Qudra Lake

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Al Qudra Lake

See Dubai’s impressive skyline through your rear-view mirror, as you take a quick drive to Al Qudra Lakes – a series of artificial lakes set in Dubai's desert.

Situated in the vast Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, you’ll be amazed by how easily you can reach this desert oasis from the busy city. Visitors can also take advantage of a drive to Love Lake Dubai in the vicinity, a popular spot which consists of two large, inter-connected heart-shaped lakes, and enjoy waterfront views of the beautiful desert sunset.

Foodies can enjoy a feast at the nearby food trucks, or pack a picnic to enjoy an hour or two in the great outdoors. Among the series of lakes at Al Qudra, you can also take a leisurely ride around Al Qudra Cycling Track.

When to visit Al Qudra Lakes

You can visit Al Qudra Lakes all year round, but the most comfortable temperatures will be during the winter season, from October to March. Early in the morning is the best time to experience the lakes with fewer people around, but as long as you're comfortable with the temperature you can visit at any time of day – be aware it can get quite cool when it's dark during the winter. Early evening is also a popular time to visit Al Qudra Lakes, to enjoy the stunning sunset over Dubai's skyline.

Al Qudra Lakes are ideal for spotting native Dubai animals in their natural habitat, from desert foxes to the oryx, or one of 170 bird species living around the lakes. Just a few of the species include swans, geese, ducks, flamingos and more. Some of these native birds are even on the endangered list, such as the steppe eagle and the Asian houbara.

You'll see the most wildlife during the cooler months, although animals also visit the lakes throughout the year. Dawn is the very best time for wildlife-spotting at Al Qudra Lakes, when the area is at its quietest and coolest, no matter what the season.

How to get to Al Qudra Lakes

One great way to enjoy Al Qudra Lakes is through a tour or desert safari – Orient Tours runs excursions which include a visit to Al Qudra Lakes and Love Lake Dubai, along with other great activities.

It's also very easy to drive to Al Qudra Lakes: from Downtown Dubai take the E66 highway, take exit 29 to E77, and then take exit 27 to the D63 road towards Al Qudra, and follow it all the way to the lakes. The journey should take around 30-45 minutes, depending on your starting point and the traffic. Get an idea of your journey via Google Maps.

While two RTA bus routes – service 67 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, and service 68, a circular route via Lehbab – do stop near Al Qudra Lakes, at Seh as Salam Farm, there is still around a 30-minute walk from the bus stop to the lakes, so for most people driving to the lakes is more practical. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Al Qudra Lakes.


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Travel Tips for Dubai

Best Time To Visit In Dubai: The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March when the weather is pleasant and is most suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. The Dubai Shopping Festival is also held during January and February, making it an exciting time for visitors. Dubai's high season is from November to April. This is when temperatures are at their most enjoyable, but you can expect higher costs for accommodation and more people at the city's main attractions as a result.



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Frequently asked questions
Are barbecues allowed in Al Qudra?

Barbecues are allowed at Al Qudra Lakes. According to the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, you should bring your own equipment and use a container for your barbecue – instead of making a fire directly on the sand. You should also, of course, be prepared to clean up afterwards.

Are dogs allowed at Al Qudra Lake?

Dogs are allowed at Al Qudra Lakes. There is no restriction on bringing pets but visitors must clean up after themselves when they leave. Please also be cautious about letting your dog off the leash when others are around, even if your pet is well trained.

How do I get to Al Qudra Lakes?

The best way to reach Al Qudra Lakes is by car. You can take a taxi to the nearby parking area, which offers toilet facilities, bike rental shops, a petrol station and a Last Exit food truck area. You can reach the lakes with a 4x4 or a regular car, as the sand is highly compacted.

How long is Al Qudra Cycle Track?

There are 86km of bike path available to riders at Al Qudra Cycle Track. The main loop is 50km, which you can complete in either direction and there are various extensions available to lengthen your ride. There are plenty of bikes available to rent, including a number of Careem bikes.

Is Al Qudra Lake man made?

Al Qudra features a cluster of man-made lakes, including Love Lake Dubai, in the surrounding Saih Al Salam desert. It’s the perfect venue for a day away from the city. Nearby, you can also enjoy 86km of cycling track, which may also appeal to long-distance runners.